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You will notice we have made some changes to our client portal. Click here to see the new user guide. If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact head office or your advisor.
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How E-Delivery Works

If you haven not already signed up contact your advisor to get your client ID or you can find your client ID on your quarterly statement that you have received from Monarch, then click on Register here to begin the registration process

Once you are logged in, you will be presented with the option of receiving your statements electronically, should you opt out of this feature and later decide to receive your statements and other documents electronically you can simply click on My profile link on top of the page, scroll to the bottom of the page and choose subscribe. You will not receive any unwanted emails or be subscribed to anything else other than your statement and documents notifications shared by Monarch Wealth or your Representative. Should you change your mind about the electronic statements you can easily switch back to the paper copy by logging in and selecting the Unsubscribe option in the My profile pane.

Sophisticated portfolio construction is supported by our technology-driven platform, featuring ongoing account monitoring and rebalancing. Working together, your advisor and portfolio management team provide you with comprehensive and sophisticated investment solutions.

When your online statement is available you will be emailed with a notification at the specified email address by you.

External Resources

Health & Dental, Critical Illness and Flexcare/FollowMe Health options offered by Manulife Financial.

We pride ourselves on providing our clients with the best and most innovative insurance programs available. If you are not covered by a group health plan or not satisfied with the insurance coverage you have today, Manulife Financial may be the answer for you.

Manulife Financial is one of the most dynamic and progressive financial services companies in the world. Incorporated in 1887, Manulife serves millions of customers in 19 countries and territories worldwide. Manulife is the largest life insurance company in Canada and one of the top five in the world.

Through their vast network of employees and independent financial advisors, Manulife offers a wide range of plans and levels of coverage from which you can choose to insure yourself and your family against the unexpected.


Travel Weblink

Get instant Travel Insurance

You can't expect to have a medical emergency away from home, or to have to cancel a trip due to an emergency but you can be prepared for these events.

Take this opportunity to choose the plan that's right for you if you are traveling for pleasure or on business.