Integrated & Automated Systems

Focus On Advice, Not Administration

Spend more time delivering value to your clients with a technology solution that seamlessly integrates multiple software systems and automates administrative tasks. Our cloud-based technology platform is accessible anywhere, on any device and houses all of your wealth and insurance business in one location.

One password, one portal to productivity

Monarch’s advisor dashboard takes the frustration out of getting the information you need to do business. With only a single sign-in, you have access to a complete range of expertly-built business tools:

  • Front office system

  • Back office system

  • Client management system (CMS)

  • Analysis and financial planning tools

Client engagement in an instant

Our system automatically syncs with the back office to let you easily create, review and segment client accounts to help you efficiently manage client relationships and target your marketing and communications. Time-saving features include:

  • Electronic on-boarding and e-signatures for nominee accounts

  • Searchable databases and campaign management tools

  • Embedded calendar and email

  • Automatic population of client data in forms and tools

Put planning before paperwork

In one location you have access to tools that help you focus on the important things – analyzing client needs and creating sound financial plans. In just a few clicks, create professional reports to start client conversations and support your recommendations:

  • Life, disability and critical illness needs analysis

  • Net worth statements

  • Investor profile questionnaire

  • Comprehensive financial plan

Nominee Account Structure

Build Your Bench Strength

Monarch’s unique model portfolio platform gives you an exceptional alternative to fund-of-fund and in-house products. Our non-proprietary approach lets you provide genuinely unbiased advice and give clients unfettered access to investments with best-in-class assets and portfolio managers.

Open Architecture

Work with your choice of portfolio manager and underlying funds to build unbiased, custom solutions for clients.

Portfolio Series

Managed portfolios that are built and monitored by carefully vetted, industry-leading third-party portfolio managers. These model portfolios invest directly in institutional funds not normally available to retail investors.

Additional benefits of our model portfolio platform include:

  • No nominee account fees

  • Automated rebalancing

  • Tiered pricing

  • Householding

  • Quarterly consolidated statements

  • Tax reporting

Embrace Your 'Inner Miser'

Our structure means you maintain complete autonomy and control over your book. And unlike other dealers, there are no transfer-out fees to move clients.

Stay Ahead of CRM2

Our fee-based model is fully CRM2 compliant. Client meetings shift from a focus on making sales transactions to providing professional, advice-based interactions that solidify your position as a trusted advisor.

Flexible Compensation

Reward Yourself for a Job Well Done

Flexible flat-fee and grid compensation options are available to suit your business model:

Insurance focused
Mutual fund and investment planning focused
Producer groups/branches

The compensation model includes technology fees.
Contact us about custom options for your branch.

Practice Management Support

Spend Time On Your Business, Not In It

Monarch partners with advisors who are committed to continuous improvement and meeting the highest standards of ethical business practices. To this end, our practice management services provide exceptional support whether you are cultivating, nurturing or transitioning your business.

Focus on activities that deliver value to clients.

Seamlessly integrate compliance functions into your workflow with easy-to-use electronic client on-boarding process and automated rebalancing tied to each client’s KYC.

Get expert coaching from industry veterans with decades of experience to help overcome obstacles and identify opportunities.


Monarch has built an organization focused on supporting independent advisors. Now that you have decided to join a fast growing financial firm, here’s how we manage your transition:

  • We have gained invaluable experience over the years, helping advisors onboard their practices to Monarch

  • Our seasoned transition team understands the need for minimal disruption in your business. From transferring your registration to training you on our state-of-the-art technology platform, you will deal with one team of individuals for all your needs.

  • We customize a plan that’s built around your unique business needs, establishing clear and concise timelines every step of the way

  • Retention of clients is always top of mind; we have an outstanding track record for transferring your clients to your new home.

  • As a technology driven company, we have built automated tools and processes to help streamline the entire transition process. From pre-populated forms to the import of your historic data, we do the heavy lifting so you can remain focused on the needs of your clients.

  • We are dedicated to building long-term successful relationships with our clients, the building blocks of that relationship begin with your transition

The Monarch Difference

Rethink your business model

  • Architect your own managed accounts for clients

  • Handcuff-free access to the broadest range of investment funds

  • Time-saving administrative systems and planning tools

  • Competitive and flexible compensation plans

  • Expert and experienced business development support

If your current way of doing business isn’t giving you these advantages, talk to us.